I'm more than just an actor: Siddharth

Apr 07, 2013, 09:46 IST | Shakti Shetty

Siddharth comes clean on his 'choosy' image in the Hindi film industry

He made a roaring debut with Rang De Basanti. And it’s been seven years since. In the meantime, Siddharth had just one Bollywood release in between— Striker (2010)—to his credit. This week, he appeared in his third Hindi outing with Chashme Baddoor and that too after a gap of three more years. However, the South actor feels it’s not a big deal as his body of work spreads across four different languages including English—thanks to Deepa Mehta’s Midnight’s Children (2012). In a tête-à-tête with us, he opens up about his craft, cinema, choices and much more.

Why did you agree to act in a remake of a cult film like Chashme Baddoor?
I did it because David Dhawan is the director. I always wanted to work with him and there aren't many directors around who can make a comedy film as well as he does. He has set a benchmark when it comes to comedy.

How was the experience of playing a out-and-out goofy character for a change?
I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had a blast with Ali (Zafar) and Dibyendu (Sharma) around on the sets. All of them are so great at what they do, and their presence only enhances your performance. Comedy allows you to let your hair down. I believe it's important for an actor to switching genres.

Do you think you should have done more Hindi films over the years?
There’s no such a thing as ‘should have done’ for an actor. I’m doing what I ‘should’ do. It’s just that my life has been more concentrated in the South. The kind of films I love to do are being made there.

Are you a choosy actor?
I’m more of a patient actor. I waited three years post-Rang De Basanti for a film like Striker to come my way. And then I waited three more years for Chashme Baddoor to happen. Even if this film becomes a smash hit, it doesn’t automatically mean that I’ll be doing more Hindi films in the future. After all, you can only choose from what you’ve been offered. Although I take my craft and career seriously, there’s not much an actor can do about these choices.

What difference do you notice between Bollywood and the South film industry?
(Pauses) Not much. People work hard in both the industries. On a personal level, I don’t have to go around looking for quality work in South whereas in Mumbai, things are a bit different.

What is your dream role?
What dream role yaar, and that too in a country like ours where every good role is in itself a dream role? We make fun films, not serious ones that are going to change the world! Maybe one day when I sit down to write and direct my own film, I might be able to answer this question.

You are a producer and playback singer too...
I wanted to explore everything I can. I’m more than just an actor and am always experimenting.

You’re one of the few film personalities to be really active on the social media…
All the journalists misquoted me in the last decade (laughs). This particular online medium helps me deliver my words directly to the public and overcome the barrier between us. Twitter is fun and allows me to send across my thoughts to the world.  

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