I'm not James Bond: Daniel Craig

Published: Oct 29, 2012, 09:38 IST | Shakti Shetty |

English actor Daniel Craig draws the line between his real self and his larger-than-life reel character

There have been more people on the moon than those who have played James Bond on the big screen. Daniel Craig is one of those very few. Although he might be essaying this broody no-nonsense secret agent, he’s pretty chilled out in person. In a freewheeling chat, Daniel talks about playing 007 for the third time in a row...

Daniel Craig

Playing James Bond... a dream come true?
First of all, I made no plans to be him. My life changed the day Barbara (Broccoli, the producer) approached me. I thought she was joking. As of now, all I can do is try to make the best 007 films we can with the help of these wonderfully talented people who have taken the legacy forward from Sean Connery onwards. I’m glad to be part of this franchise and I hope that when I leave it eventually, that is I leave it in as good a shape as I found it.

Usually we’ve seen your character as a serious, broody guy. What tickles you in real life?
Most things actually; even the silliest stuff makes me laugh. After all, the character I play is not me! I’m not James Bond. I love laughing and it’s an incredibly important part of life. I’m lucky enough to have friends and a family that appreciate a good laughter.

Is essaying Bond demanding on your mind and body?
It’s a balancing act. Sometimes my body is not working and sometimes my mind do the same. While making a Bond film, which usually takes about six months or so to shoot, I try and keep them together. Fortunately, I have some really amazing people around me who look after me.

And the most challenging part has been?
There’ve been a couple of instances when I have found myself standing 100 feet in the air and ready to jump off something and thought that I would rather be somewhere else! But it doesn’t take up most of the day and I try to blank my mind when I’m doing it so that fear doesn’t seep in. I enjoy it because again we work with such incredible people. Yes, every once in a while I do get a little hurt. I’m simply thankful that I haven’t got anything too bad yet; just a few bumps, scrapes, cuts and bruises here and there. They’re all part of the whole process.

Are you aware of Bollywood movies?
Yes, I am. To be frank, I haven’t seen many but I’m incredibly aware of it and how huge and successful an industry it is.

A lot of Indian actresses have reportedly been approached to play the Bond girl. We don’t know how true that is...
Neither do I! I don’t pay attention to rumours myself. (Laughs). 

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