I'm shocked it took this long: Bob Dylan's biggest Indian fan Lou Majaw on Nobel

Oct 14, 2016, 08:26 IST | Dipanjan Sinha

Lou Majaw, India’s most celebrated Bob Dylan fan and Rock musician, is elated that his idol has finally been honoured with the Nobel Prize

I am not surprised at all; I am shocked. What took them so long? Right from the 1960s, his writing has touched the hearts and minds of people from across the world. With him winning the Nobel Prize, we can only hope that more people will listen to his music and read his lines and hopefully, change the way they think. The way the world is right now with all the violence and hatred, we really need Dylan as much as we needed him when he was writing his songs. I wish everyone would spend a few minutes of their lives listening to music and reading poetry every day; they will see the beauty of life. Life has so much beauty, why waste it with ugly fighting? We need constant bombardment of Dylan’s writing all over.

Lou Majaw, an artist from Shillong
Lou Majaw is an artist from Shillong

I first came across the song ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’ in 1965, and it certainly doesn’t feel like long ago because it is so relevant in today’s world.

Before that, I used to listen to a lot of Elvis Presley, Cliff Richards, Bill Hailey and The Beatles but his words stunned me. And then, I kept following his works.

His poetry is deep and phenomenal. It touches your soul and yet it is simple. World leaders, too, should listen to Dylan and that might change the way they think.

We celebrate Dylan’s birthday every year in Shillong with a tribute concert. This Sunday, we have planned a special gathering to celebrate this success.

Too broke to bring down Bob
When asked by the New York Times in 2008 if Dylan will ever come to his tribute festival in Shillong, Majaw said, “Lou Majaw cannot bring him. I mean, like, he is such a busy guy. And Lou is broke as shattered glass, man.”

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