I'm still in touch with my ex-husband

Sep 05, 2012, 06:28 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana, I divorced my husband as things went horribly wrong between us. We have a nine-year-old child. After leaving him, I married another guy from whom I have a child, who is a year old.

I left my first child with my first husband. Even though it’s three years, I can’t stop myself from calling my ex-husband for the sake of my first child. My second husband doesn’t know that I’m still in touch with my ex. He is not ready to accept my first child. But I can’t live without my first-born. Sometimes I feel that I should return to my ex- husband for the sake of the child. What can I do to convince both the men in my life?
— Tanuja

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Tanuja,
Good heavens! You are in a merry mess. How can you oscillate between the two men? When you divorced your first hubby, it was your decision. As well as the decision to let the child remain with him. You moved on and remarried and also had a child from your second hubby. How can you now say that you want to go back to your ex-hubby for the sake of the child. You should have thought of all this before taking such a drastic step and seeking divorce. But have you thought if your first hubby wants you again? And what happens to your second hubby? I suggest you continue to live with your second hubby and keep visiting your first-born. Yours is a classic case of act in haste and regret at leisure.

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