'I messed up with my cousin'

Jan 02, 2013, 07:49 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana, Three months ago, I took advantage of my paternal cousin's innocence and crossed all familial limits

Later, I assumed breaking up with her was the right thing to do as both of us were getting quite serious. After that episode, we pretended to be friends but it didn’t last long. Now she thinks I took advantage of her and made her do things which she didn’t want to (although that’s not true). She now wants me to go ahead and ask her dad to get us married. That’s something I can’t do. My parents won’t allow that in any case. What should I do?

Dear Diana

Dear Lakhan,
You have landed yourself in a merry mess. You alone are to blame. Remember the girl will point a finger at you and say that you are to blame. I think you need to take a senior family member in confidence and tell the truth. Either way you are in a mess. So might as well tell the truth if you don’t want to marry her. Even if you keep mum, she will pressurise you into marriage. So you might as well clear the picture and then let the elders too realise the situation you have landed in. 

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