'I once used to fantasise about Bollywood'

Apr 16, 2012, 10:08 IST | Shakti Shetty

Gulshan Devaiah of 'Shaitan' fame believes that a new era in Hindi cinema beckons as long as novel ideas are embraced

Although just three films old, fashion designer-turned-actor Gulshan Devaiah has managed to get noticed for his effortless portrayal of unconventional roles.

His character KC in Bejoy Nambiar’s Shaitan got everyone talking, and Gulshan maintained the momentum as a crude Kannada gangster in That Girl in Yellow Boots. We caught up with him to know about upcoming projects, marriage and more.

Are you playing a negative role in your next film?
Yes. It’s a woman-centric film and I’m playing a rich goal-oriented man who has negative shades.

Was it a conscious decision to play the bad guy?
(laughs) Trust me, it’s not! I just happen to be cast in dark roles. By the way, I’m playing a narcotics officer in my next who is a good guy.

You were into theatre earlier. How are you keeping up on that front?
I did a lot of plays back in Bangalore, but haven’t done much since I shifted to Mumbai. I learnt my art from theatre. As a thumb rule, it demands time. So if I don’t dedicate myself a hundred percent to the stage rehearsals, I won’t be doing justice to it.

Being from the south, do you look forward to doing non-Hindi movies?
I grew up watching Hindi movies ever since the Doordarshan days. I literally fantasised about them. Bollywood is a dream come true to me. But again, I won’t say no to a good script from southern filmmakers.

Do you feel at home in Bollywood?
It’s an awesome place to work and lately, we’re witnessing some really novel ideas. For a newcomer like me, it’s great to get in touch with new directors who have something original and exciting to offer.

You were a fashion designer once. Did people ever mistake you for being gay?
Not really. It’s actually a misconception! In the fashion industry, you are sensitive about designs and colours, so you are perceived as effeminate. Yes, some fashion designers are indeed gay, but not all of them.

You tied the knot two months ago. How is married life treating you?
It’s going awesome. I don’t know if I could have married anyone other than Kallirroi (Tziafeta). She’s a great support system and an adorable person. Also, unlike me, she’s a trained actress. We have creative discussions and we argue a lot too. (smiles). 

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