I prefer to ask questions: Simi Garewal

Published: Oct 16, 2012, 09:36 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Actress-chat show host defends her image as a private person but says she is now ready to reach out

Apart from being the lady in white, Simi Garewal is known for her inimitable style of hosting chat shows. Being so very concerned and empathetic, she makes her star guests pour their hearts out. The actress-turned-filmmaker-turned-anchor celebrates her birthday on October 17. To mark her big day, Simi is launching her personal website. She describes it to be like her biography. After being part of showbiz for decades, Simi feels it is time to break her self-imposed wall of privacy...

Simi Garewal

Why this sudden need to go public?
I have always been a private person. I have stayed out of gossip columns because I love my privacy. But I realised that I seem to have built invisible walls around me. I have received messages and affection from my fans, which has really touched me. So, I thought, why keep these walls that separate us? Why not build bridges instead so I can reach out to them and they to me?

What is so unique about it?
I have visited most of the websites of film folk from around the world. I found them quite business-like. My website is personal each word has been penned by me. I have worked on the designs as well. I’m pretty nifty with Adobe. It’s like my biography starting from my family, my films, docus and TV show. I have also spoken about love, marriage, my fashion style and my thoughts. Luckily, I’ve always kept a diary it really came handy now. I think few people are aware of my body of work. They will read my experiences of working in films. They can read my stories on Rajiv Gandhi, Raj Kapoor, Satyajit Ray and others. Also, about my guests on the chat shows.

You have done films, docus, made ads as well as produced and hosted chat shows. Which role do you enjoy the most?
Over the years I have interviewed over 200 people! I have enjoyed my chat shows which were in front of the cameras. For my docus, interviews were conducted behind the camera. Creatively, I enjoy the writing, direction and editing part the most.

Given an opportunity in which chat show would you like to be a guest?
I’ve been invited on several chat shows, but I haven’t accepted any. I prefer asking questions.

When is the next season of your chat show coming up?
I have been offered to do India’s Most Desirable in Hindi. I’m still mulling over it. I have other plans too. 

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