'I spend four to five hours training every day'

Jul 02, 2012, 08:49 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

Shaurya Chauhaan on her intense workout sessions and diet regime that helped her do her own stunts in 'Krrish 2'

Working in a superhero film is no mean feat and Shaurya Chauhaan was prepared to face some gruelling shoot schedules even before she signed the dotted lines. The model-turned-actress had to alter her workout routine and eating schedules to make sure she was physically ready for the film.

On her rigorous workout routine, the actress says, “I had to spend four to five hours training every day. I trained in gymnastics — did lots of somersaults and stretching and also worked on my flexibility. ” The actress gushes that Srinivas Rao, who has trained several Indian gymnasts for the Olympics in the past, personally gave her lessons.” Shaurya adds, “I lost nearly five kilos.”

And it was not just her training but her strict diet regime too that prepared Shaurya for her intense shoot schedules. She says, “I mostly avoid having oily stuff and eat healthy food like brown rice.”Her flexibility even aided Shaurya in doing her own stunts in the film.

However, her shoot schedule with Hrithik Roshan is still pending. She tells us, “I was not nervous while performing them. In fact, our fight director Tony Ching was very happy with my act.” 

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