I think my husband is secretly gay!

Sep 17, 2012, 07:17 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana, We have been married for almost a year. Two weeks ago by chance, when his laptop was open and he was talking on the phone, I found in his email inbox some stuff about sex with a guy

I asked him about it and he was upset that I was snooping around. He told me he is just curious about it. Now I have found naked pictures of him taken in front of our bathroom mirror on his cell phone. He also took a couple of him just laying in his bed of just his private area. I am shocked by his doings. Do you think my hubby is secretly gay. Or is he just plain curious? Now I also understand why he keeps telling me that he will enjoy sex with me only when we want a baby.
- Bakhtawar

Dear Diana

Dear Bakhtawar,
These appear like telltale signs. Your hubby could be gay or bi-sexual, or simply just curious but the fact is he is thinking of having sex with a man. You should ask him if he would ever be satisfied having sex with just you. Marriage means love, trust, commitment and faithfulness. It appears that he isn’t acting like the type to provide you with all this. You need to ask him about what’s going on. May be there was something he did not tell you before marriage. You do need to clear your doubts and he alone can tell you. So ask him right now.

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