I try to save power in every way, says Ajay Devgn

Apr 26, 2013, 08:57 IST | Gauri Pradhan

Conserving energy is the need of the hour and actor Ajay Devgn is fully aware of it.

He not only does his bit to save energy but also encourages others around him to do so as well. Ajay recently pledged his support to save energy and use solar power as much as possible in his daily life. When CS asked him what drives him to conserve power, here’s what the actor had to say:

Ajay Devgn
Who: Ajay Devgn
What: On saving energy

Saving mother earth
I believe in saving energy because we need to take care of the earth we are living on. We must use the resources we need in moderation and aim at saving something for our future generations as well. I try to save power in every way possible. Most of my appliances and machines work on solar power. I also try and use smaller cars when I am going on shorter drives.

Doing my bit
I have a 25 megawatt solar plant in Gujarat that supplies energy to the Gujarat government. I would love to have a solar plant in Maharashtra as well, but I will need favourable government policies to support that. Another idea playing on my mind is that of adopting a village and make sure it has sufficient power supply. These are some ways of ensuring that our future generations don’t face lack of resources.

Shaping our future
I have taught my children that they must save energy and now they believe in it too. They have been trained to switch off lights whenever not needed. These are small things that we can do from our end. And that’s what Kajol and I do. We can see how much our generation needs to be pushed to conserve energy. People keep starting various initiatives and drives and yet, there are so many who are blissfully unaware of the crisis that earth is facing. But with our next generation, we can educate them. If we train our own children, we won’t have to make such a big issue out of it; they will do it themselves.

On home ground
Talking about film sets, where I spend most part of my day, there are solar panels used at times. But because of their huge size, it becomes a bit difficult to handle. So, not many people are using fully solar powered equipment yet. But with growing technology, I am sure someday that will happen too. 

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