I've fallen in love with my boss

Oct 12, 2012, 06:19 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana, I'm a 27-year-old guy. I recently shifted to Mumbai from Bhilai. I have got a new job and have a female boss.

She is not only classy but also a good human being. I have fallen head over heels for her. I already have a girlfriend in Bhilai but I can’t take my attention off my newfound Ms Perfect! But I don’t have the courage to go and tell her what I feel. I’m thinking of breaking off with my girl who anyways doesn’t have the time to talk to me on phone. She takes all the staff members to nightspots whenever we achieve our sales targets. Somewhere deep inside me, I feel that my boss wouldn’t mind my expression of love.
— Vicky

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Vicky,
Try expressing your love and be prepared to get a stinging slap. If not, be prepared to get fired. Remember you are in a new city and need a job for survival. You seem to be enamoured of big city life and just because she is taking you to Mumbai’s nightspots you are getting carried away. It does not in any way mean that you can carry on your romance with her. I am sure she has no clue what’s in your head. She’s being the sensible and caring boss by rewarding her team when they deliver. And why do you want to break up with your girl from back home in Bhilai? Long distance relationships are not easy. But at least give it a shot. Your girl may not have time to talk to you as she is busy with her work. 

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