'I've hated Hindus and Muslims since 9/11'

Dec 31, 2012, 08:35 IST | Agencies

Erika Menendez, who pushed an Indian, Sunando Sen, in front of a subway train in New York, says she hates all Muslims and Hindus since 'they put down the Twin Towers'

The crazed woman who shoved a Queens immigrant to his gruesome death in front of a subway train told cops yesterday that she did so because she thought he was a Muslim, authorities said.

Gruesome: Erica Menendez rendered by a sketch artist (left), has been charged with second-degree murder for pushing Sunando Sen to his death in front of a train. pic/afp, New York City Police Department

Erika Menendez (31), was charged with second-degree murder as a hate crime after admitting to investigators that she pushed Sunando Sen (46) — a Hindu — in front of a 7 train in Sunnyside on Thursday night, officials said.

She allegedly said she singled him out because of his religion.

“She is accused of committing a subway commuter’s worst nightmare — suddenly and senselessly pushed into the path of an oncoming train, shoved from behind with no chance to defend himself,” said Queens DA Richard Brown. “She told police that she pushed a Muslim off the train tracks. She said, ‘I’ve hated Hindus and Muslims since 2001, since they put down the Twin Towers. I have been beating them up since’.”

Ironically, there were no Hindus involved in the 9/11 attacks.

Menendez faces 25 years to life in prison if found guilty.

She looked wild as she was escorted from the 112th Precinct station house.

She wailed incoherently, contorted her face into what looked like a fiendish grin, and struggled as officers forced her into an unmarked car.

She appeared equally unhinged later during her arraignment hearing in Queens Criminal Court. “You’re going to have to have your client stop laughing,” Judge Gia Morris said, scolding Menendez’s lawyer. Despite this admonishment, Menendez laughed several more times at the hearing.

Sen was chasing the American dream
For 20 years, immigrant Sunando Sen worked relentlessly for his piece of the American Dream — only to lose everything in mere seconds after a woman shoved him. Sen died beneath a Queens-bound subway just six months after proudly opening his own printing business in Manhattan,
his devastated roommates said. Sen will be cremated on Monday by his friends in New York since he has no family in India. “RIP Sunando Sen, citizen of India who has been taken away from us in an act of murder most senseless and foul. R Consulate NY is in touch with friends of deceased who are arranging cremation on Monday afternoon. Apparently no family in India,” tweeted Indian ambassador to the US Nirupama Rao. 

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