'I've lost my love for the second time'

Jun 03, 2013, 23:47 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana, I am 25. I had a major crush on a girl who was my junior while in college.

I am sure she also had a thing for me, but we never really talked when in college. Destiny brought us together last month and we got talking. I have also expressed my feelings for her. But she told me that she’s going through a heartbreak and is in no position to trust anyone right now. I’ve been trying to call and text her since we met but she hasn’t replied. I guess I’ve lost her for the second time.
— Kaamil

Illustration/ Amit Bandre

Dear Kaamil,
You met her at a time when her mind was in a mess after a heartbreak. She needed time by herself. After you confessed your love for her, she seems to have withdrawn to a shell. You need to leave her alone for now. You have been bombarding her with text messages and calls, so she is playing the avoidance game. For a month let her be. If she cares for you, she will get in touch with you. Let her broken heart heal and you need to give her time and space for it.

Diana will solve it!
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