'I was waiting for the right roles'

Jul 17, 2012, 08:41 IST | Asira Tarannum

Chandrachur Singh says he is a changed man after spending almost a decade being stuck in a mould

For Chandrachur Singh, life seems to have come a full circle. Having worked as a History and Music teacher in his younger days, the actor will now be seen playing a professor in his next film. And the actor, who has recently participated in a cookery show, is quite happy about it too. He says, “I am inclined towards music. It keeps me busy.” 

Explaining the reason behind his disappearance act of late, the actor says that there was nothing interesting enough to sign. His son too was a newborn and he wanted to spend more time with the baby.

Chandrachur says, “I wanted to be associated with a particular kind of cinema. I was waiting for the right roles to come my way. My son too was born during that time and fatherhood has changed me as a person. I am glad I got to spend time with him during his formative years. My son, now five and half-years-old, has imbibed my interest in music.”

The actor feels fatherhood has made him more open as a human being. He adds, “I have also evolved as an actor. I was stuck in a mould 10 years back. But now those lines have blurred.” 

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