"I want fans to experience something unreal"

Sep 21, 2013, 01:12 IST | Ruchika Kher

He's all of 25, but already boasts of an 11-year DJing career. Get ready for Robbert van de Corput, a.k.a. DJ Hardwell, who looks set to sweep Mumbaiites off their feet with his Progressive and Electro House Music. The Dutch DJ gets candid in an email interview with Ruchika Kher. Excerpts

So, you are back in India. What gets you to the country over and over again?
I’m returning for a tour with my new I Am Hardwell concept. India has one of the most exciting dance scenes in the world now, and after my previous experience I knew I had to take the tour here because the buzz was so energetic last time.

DJ Hardwell
DJ Hardwell

What can we look forward to in your performance this time around?
I’ve spent a lot of time lately working on new music exclusively for these shows. I want the fans to experience something unreal and, like with my I Am Hardwell launch party back in Amsterdam, this is going to be one insane tour.

Are there any new collaborations, singles or albums in the pipeline?
There are no album plans as yet but maybe in the future. I have a new collaboration with MAKJ called Countdown, which is coming up on my Revealed Recordings label. I also have a remix out on Toolroom Records, which is a new take on the works of Mark Knight, and Funkagenda’s Man with the Red Face. Both have been big favourites in my sets lately. My new solo single will probably be out
in November.

You started young, and have been touring a lot since then. Do you get any me-time, and what is it you like to do?
When I get away from music, I spend my time with family and friends, but I’m such a workaholic that it’s difficult to pull myself away because I love it
so much!

Your documentary is expected to be out. What’s the status now?
It’s finished and ready to hit the big screen. We’re holding the premiere at ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) on October 17 in Amsterdam’s oldest cinema, Tuschinski. I’m excited about this because it means so much to me to be able to put something on the big screen. And the documentary itself looks super cool. I think the fans are going to love it!

Coming back to EDM, why has it struck a chord across the world including India?
For me, it’s because of the combination of the high energy of the music and the exciting, positive atmosphere that EDM parties create. The production behind EDM parties has taken dance music to another level which in itself is an amazing experience. Combine this with the incredible music being made in the scene right now and you’ve got the recipe of something very special.

Weekend playlist

Dance your blues away
This weekend, head to Blue Frog to join DJ Broken Doll and DJ Ruskin as they play everything from Hip Hop to Funk and House. The popular club is hosting the two DJs for a special Saturday night performance. DJ Ruskin, a popular name in city clubs for the last 15 years, is known for his versatile and original music. He can spin everything from Acid Jazz to Trip Hop, Old and Nu Skool Funk, Latin, Afrobeat, Ska, Reggae, Drum n Bass, Dubstep, Hip Hop and House. It’s the sheer diversity of his sets that puts him in a league of his own.

DJ Broken Doll
DJ Broken Doll

DJ Broken Doll, on the other hand, is known to set the stage on fire with her unique style of music and stage presence. The French DJ has been performing at clubs across Europe and America since 2004, and has been constantly on tour in Europe performing in major bars, clubs and festivals in Spain, Italy, Hungary, Prague, Poland, Bulgaria, France and London where she lived. And since it is MegaFrog night, visitors can order the four-shot cocktail, called MegaFrog; served in non-spill sports sipper. So, rock the dance floor while you sip on this cocktail.

Sounds of Silence
Watch Sounds of Silence, a play on Beethoven, which will cover his childhood, describe his father who had oppressive ways of teaching him music, the romantic episodes of his life and the stage where he started to loose his hearing.


The production includes lights, animation, etc. From September 5 to October 5, Beethoven’s native city of Bonn celebrates the Beethovenfest, welcoming top international orchestras, well-known soloists, major ensembles and promising young performers. The play is being staged in celebration of that.

Those were the Bad times
For all those who dig Dance and Pop music, and consider Michael Jackson as their god, here’s is a chance to relive your memories as Live from the Console will be screening Bad25. This 2012 documentary based on the 25th anniversary of Jackson’s 1987 album Bad, has been directed by Spike Lee. The event will also see a performance by Delhi-based singer/songwriter, Shantanu Pandit.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson. Pic/AFP

And from Pune, Alternative Rock band Drawing Short Straws will be giving an electric performance. Also, at the gig will be The True School Band, which will present works by legends ranging from The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder to Herbie Hancock, belting a mix of Rock, Jazz, Souls and everything in between.

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