'I want him to be my best friend, not lover'

Apr 08, 2014, 06:57 IST | Dear Diana

I was friends with an amazing guy. We gelled well and were comfortable in the company of each other

Dear Diana,
I was friends with an amazing guy. We gelled well and were comfortable in the company of each other. He has now stopped talking to me. I miss him a lot. He would get upset whenever I would tell him that I want him to be my best buddy. For him, I was the woman he loved and with whom he wanted to get physical. He used to chat with me every day, so there is a vacuum in my life. What should I do to bring him back in my life?
— Kavita

Dear Kavita,
You two were not on the same page at all. He was clear that he wanted you to be the woman in his life, while you considered him a close buddy. You wanted him to be in your life, but did not want him to cross the line. With both of you sticking to your guns, there is no way that you two can be together. So what he has done is in the best interests of you two.

Dear Diana,
After 12 years of marriage, my husband left me and our two kids for another woman. I am finding it difficult to cope with day-to-day life and find myself snapping at the children. I am completely on my own. I don't really have many reliable friends and some family members are financially supporting me. I really don't know how my life will go on. I am keen to take up a job again. I used to work in a travel agency. Life is all muddled up for me.
— Leona

Dear Leona,
In this time of crisis, even though it may be difficult, try to be calm. You cannot change what has happened. Right now let things continue as they are. Meanwhile look out for a job — finding the right one will take time. After a while things will fall in place, so there is no point getting worked up. Take control of your life and be there for your kids.

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