'I want to get to know this guy in class...'

May 14, 2014, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

I am 19 and studying in college. I have fallen for a guy in my class who seems to like me as well

Dear Diana,
I am 19 and studying in college. I have fallen for a guy in my class who seems to like me as well. We don't get to talk often in college, but he likes my pictures on social media sites and also leaves sweet online comments for me. Even though we have each others cell phone numbers, he has never called me and neither have I. What should I do to get him to talk to me in person? I don't know whether he has a girlfriend. I really want to get to know him.
— Chelvi


Dear Chelvi,
It is not so difficult to strike a conversation with a classmate. There are numerous subjects you can talk about from classroom happenings to canteen to professors and exams. Perhaps he does not want to rush into things so he is taking it slow. Both of you are still young so there is a lot of time to think about getting into a serious relationship. At the moment strike a friendship, get to know him and then think of taking it ahead. You can also have common friends to break the ice between you two.

Dear Diana,
I think my neighbour's jobless husband is after me. He keeps staring at me whenever I pass by. I have no idea why he behaves this way. I don't know whether my friend should know this about her husband. We stay on the ground floor so he is most of the time at the window. He has not done any harm, but his presence makes me uncomfortable. How do I tell her about what he does without offending her?
— Mariya

Dear Mariya,
As he is jobless, he spends time at the window. He may not even realise that he is making you uncomfortable. Check with the other neighbours if any of them feel likewise, then all of you can get together and tell her how you feel. In this way, she won't be offended. Chances are that as he is idle, he does not know what to do and may not mean any harm.

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