I want to speak my heart out, but I'm very shy

Mar 10, 2018, 07:00 IST | Dr Love

I want to speak my heart out, but I'm very shy

Dr. Love

Dr. LoveI want to be with someone who lets me speak my mind, but I am so shy that I never really tell anyone how I really feel. How do I overcome this shyness?

You probably don't say what you feel around people you aren't really comfortable with, which is natural. Give it time and you will find someone you feel like opening up to. This isn't something you can force yourself to do unless you want to.

My colleagues think I have a crush on a girl who works on the floor above us, and keep teasing me whenever we go out and they see her in the vicinity. They even make childish comments when we are in an elevator together, which makes things very awkward for me. I am not attracted to this girl, but their constant teasing makes her think I have feelings for her and she has started smiling at me. This is just inappropriate, because I feel harassed. I have told them to stop on a number of occasions, but this only encourages them to be even more obnoxious when we are out together. I am seriously considering quitting the firm just because of this, but I think it's extremely unfair that I am the one who has to quit for no fault of my own. What should I do?

Why should you quit just because your colleagues are bullying you and, by extension, this girl? I suggest you make it quite clear to them that this is harassment, and speak to your HR department about it. Corporate India rarely takes these things seriously, which is unfortunate, but the threat should be explicit because no one has the right to comment on another person's personal life without their permission. Whether you like this girl or not is irrelevant. I also suggest you speak to her and talk about this to avoid any awkward situation. You are both adults, so tell her what's going on instead of running away from a job you deserve.

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