Thane massacre: Hasnain Warekar's brother-in-law can't come to terms with ghastly act

Mar 04, 2016, 07:17 IST | Faisal Tandel

Sole survivor Sobiya Bharmal's husband, Sojaf, is struggling to understand how he can explain the murder of their five-month-old daughter to his recuperating wife

After losing his baby girl and nearly losing his wife in the grisly family massacre in Thane, all Sojaf Bharmal wants is for the police to answer one question — what prompted his brother-in-law, Hasnain Warekar, to slaughter 14 family members and then take his own life.

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Sojaf Bharmal and Sobiya got married just last January, and little Alfiya entered their lives in September. He lost Alfiya and nearly lost Sobiya on February 27
Sojaf Bharmal and Sobiya got married just last January, and little Alfiya entered their lives in September. He lost Alfiya and nearly lost Sobiya on February 27

Until he has this answer, neither he nor his wife Sobiya can come to terms with the murder of their only child, five-month-old Alfiya.

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Sojaf BharmalSojaf Bharmal

As mid-day had reported earlier, Sobiya (21) was the only family member to escape Hasnain’s killing rampage and is currently undergoing treatment at Titan Hospital.

When she was rescued, she was aware of the fact that she was the only survivor and that her daughter had been murdered. But the trauma from the incident has left her in a confused state since, and she is now convinced Alfiya is still alive.

This has increased the stress on 28-year-old Sojaf, who keeps deflecting her anxious queries about Alfiya.

‘Where’s my daughter?’
He told mid-day, “Whenever I visit her in the hospital, she only asks me about Alfiya. How is she? Where is she? I tell her that Alfiya is safe and happy at home. Doctors and police officers suggested that the truth should not be revealed to her yet, but how long can this go on?”

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Sobiya’s questions are getting harder to deflect. On Tuesday, she asked Sojaf to click a picture of Alfiya and show it to her the next day. “When I went back the next day, she asked me for the picture and I told her that the police officials standing outside had taken my mobile phone. How will I tell her? I feel guilty keeping this secret from her,” said Sojaf, adding that his wife wasn’t even allowing him to spend time with her in hospital because she didn’t want Alfiya to be alone.

“I am going through sleepless nights, since I came to know about the incident. In one night, my whole life was turned upside down and my beloved child was snatched from me. My only appeal to the police is to explain what was Hasnain’s motive... Aakhir maara kyu?” he said.

'I was told to rush to Kasarvadavali'
Sojaf lives in Mahapoli village, ahead of Bhiwandi and runs a mobile shop there.

He got married to Sobiya last January, and Alfiya entered their lives in nine months. Sobiya’s brother Hasnain and her sisters would often hold family feasts in the weekends, but she had gone only for two of them in the past.

On February 27, Sobiya went for the third and final daawat. That day, Sojaf got a call from Hasnain, saying he wanted to invite Sobiya and Alfiya to dinner. Hasnain picked Sojaf up from his shop, and they went to see Sobiya.

“After waiting for 10 minutes, he left with Sobiya and my daughter around 8 pm and assured me he would drop them home on Sunday morning by 8:30 am.”

Alifiya was crying
Sojaf spoke to his wife twice that night and she told him they had had dinner but Alfiya was crying. He also spoke to his daughter just before midnight, as he tried to soothe her. That was the last time he would hear his daughter’s voice.

Around 4 am, he got a call from Sobiya’s grandfather, Gulzar Warekar, telling him to head to Hasnain’s house in Kasarvadavali as a fight had taken place there. “I asked my family members what had happened, but they only told me leave for Kasarvadavli. When I reached, I was shocked to see an ambulance outside the house. Within minutes, I was told what had happened and I couldn’t stop my tears,” he recalled.

On Tuesday, the police called Sojaf for his statement. He mentioned that his wife had lent Hasnain around 10 tolas of gold, but didn’t have anything to say against him. “I would rarely meet Hasnain, but he was a good and caring man who loved and cared for his sisters. Hasnain used to give us respect whenever we visited him. I can’t believe he could take such a step and kill the whole family,” said Sojaf.

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