I would call it a homecoming: Bedabrata Pain

Sep 11, 2012, 09:09 IST | Asira Tarannum

NASA scientist-turned-filmmaker talks about art being the very core of his being

Looks like Bedabrata Pain (pronounced pyne) is a man of many shades. Originally a NASA scientist, he turned filmmaker and has even crooned for his upcoming film. In fact, he even designed the new red camera with which he has shot his new project.

Bedabrata Pain

Ask him if he likes to invent a new career almost every day and pat comes the reply, “I would call it a homecoming! Being a true Bengali, I am inclined towards painting and singing. In fact, I would call working for NASA a diversion.

Art comes naturally to me and it’s all about creating new things. I do not make a distinction between arts and science.” Bedabrata also tells us that he used to draw pictures with the help of which he would explain the scenes to his crew. He says, “We also conducted a lot of workshops for the actors before the shoot began.”  

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