I would save Putin from drowning: Obama

Apr 27, 2014, 10:41 IST | Agencies

Should the need arise, US President Barack Obama says he wouldn’t hesitate jumping into the water to save the Russian leader

New york: Diplomatic relations between US and Russia may remain strained but US President  Barack Obama has reportedly said that he would save the Russian leader from drowning should the need arise.

 Obama says that he is a pretty good swimmer as he grew up in Hawaii

When asked by a reporter, during a press conference in Seoul, Obama said that he used to be a pretty good swimmer as he grew up in Hawaii.

Vladimir Putin

When asked whether he thought Obama would save him from drowning, Putin said he was sure that the American president would do so, describing him as a “decent” and “courageous” man.

Obama’s light-hearted response comes as the US prepares to push for increased sanctions against Russia over its supposed unwillingness to de-escalate tensions in eastern Ukraine, where separatists have seized several regional administrative buildings.

Obama however made it clear that his stand wasn’t out of any particular affection for the Russian leader and added that he would like to think that if anybody is out there drowning, he is going to save them.   

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