ICC wants strong evidence over Hot Spot claims

Aug 10, 2013, 03:56 IST | AFP

The International Cricket Council has told the inventor of Hot Spot he will need strong evidence to suggest players were deliberately trying to cheat the system, a report said yesterday.

Australia’s Channel Nine alleged on Wednesday that players in the current Ashes series between England and Australia were using silicone tape on their bats to avoid nicks being detected by the thermal imaging system.

The ICC has confirmed Australian inventor Warren Brennan raised concerns with them this week over the effect of bat coatings on the technology, but that he was warned against suggesting players were deliberately trying to cheat the system, the ESPNCricinfo reported.

Brennan has not made any public comment and has refused interviews, but he sent a tweet on Monday to former England captain Michael Vaughan that said: “Michael, it’s time you investigate why players are using fibreglass tape on the edges of their bats.”

Channel Nine reported on Thursday that Brennan had raised his “serious concerns” with the ICC about flaws in the system and that testing had been carried out, which showed that a second layer of tape had the dulling effect.

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