ICM to give comic touch to epic TV series 'Game of Thrones' on stage

Apr 03, 2016, 10:55 IST | Jane Borges

Why wait for Season Six? Improv Comedy Mumbai brings a rib-tickling version of the epic series to a stage near you this month

If you're a crazy Game of Thrones fan and have spent a major part of this year mulling over what to expect in the sixth season, a comedic act, loosely inspired from the drama series, might just be the thing to calm your anxious nerves.

Artistes from Improv Comedy Mumbai (ICM) are set to present a live, impromptu episode from the world of GOT in an upcoming show, GOT Popcorn. What makes it amusing is that the audience, along with the nine comedians on stage, will get a chance to recreate this world, all with new characters, a laughable plot, and a different kingdom. "We all know of the seven kingdoms in GOT. Now, we will take you into the eighth," says Yogesh Upadhyaya of ICM and co-creator GOT Popcorn.

The stars of Improv Comedy Mumbai's GOT Popcorn
The stars of Improv Comedy Mumbai's GOT Popcorn

This is the first time that ICM is experimenting with a period drama. They have previously worked on romantic and heist film genres. "We zeroed in on GOT because most of us are huge fans," says Upadhyaya. "And of course…we also get a chance to wear fancy costumes and speak in metaphors."

None of the artistes will, however, be playing any of the real characters. "This is just the inspiration," says Naveen Kaushik, who will also be starring in the hour-long show. "We wanted to move away from the serious nature of the plot and make it fun for audiences, who will be co-writing it with us," added Kaushik.

The GOT Popcorn poster pays homage to the popular television drama
The GOT Popcorn poster pays homage to the popular television drama

"Improv artistes have no idea of what to expect when on stage. The show moves forward based on how the audience reacts to us," explains Upadhyaya. The actors are, however, sure of one thing. "Characters will die, like RR Martin kills his, in GOT," says Kaushik.

Where: Cuckoo Club by The Hive, 5AA, Pali Hill Road, Bandra West
When: April 16, 23, 8 PM onwards
Entry: Rs 200 – Rs 400
Call: 9619962969

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