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Published: Sep 14, 2009, 06:52 IST | Ishita Sharma |

Embark on a photo-journey that juxtaposes the paradoxical extremes of a chaotic albeit charismatic capital

Embark on a photo-journey that juxtaposes the paradoxical extremes of a chaotic albeit charismatic capital

Think Delhi; think dudes, damsels,  domestic animals, dhols, dhabas, designers. Think colour, duty and beauty in all its extremes. Such is the scope of life and art in the city.  A new show celebrates this variety in all forms of language, moods, thoughts and expressions. Titled Juvenilia Juxtaposed, the group exhibition of photographs  creates a quirky juxtaposition of various elements of urban utopia against  its unbearable realities. Artists include Anshika Varma, Ashok Paul, Laurent Goldstein, Sunando Mazumdar, Sephi Bergerson and Udit Kulshreshtha among others. A taster, with creators' accounts.

Stark Shades: 'Cool dude with his favourite buffalo' by Ashok Paul depicts the ecstasy of a not-so-swish suburb boy as he wears Ray Ban sunglasses and stands in style against his buffalo

Blind Faiith by Ajay Rajgarhia
"This picture symbolises the blind faith we have in God now. The picture is something like full-stop faith. It opens a debate, a discussion on whether people are actually blind to all that is happening around, including our religious preferences, or just pretend to be blind. It's just like seeing faith through the eyes of various people all around us."

Spazio Lotte by Anshika Verma
"This picture is part of my series of work called 'Space struggle'. The right side of the photograph showcases two men sitting in front of a local 'darzi' store as we would likely know it as. I have tried to show that on the one hand, the man on the right is taking aim as if he is eradicating something, and on the right, our 'darzi' is disappearing from our daily lives, as a designer takeover takes the capital by storm. It's a readymade world with readymade garments, emotions, and actions."

Piyau by Udit Kulshreshtha
"This photograph was taken in 2008 in Baroda. It shows somewhat of a modern 'piyau' with two cool jugs and three glasses. Apart from the very obvious fact that it quenches thirst, the picture also brings to the forefront a concept that is fast diminishing in today's, age even though it is the oldest form of locating water while you are travelling. My other picture, called 'Time' (top), broadly showcases its importance in our lives."

Invocation by Anshika Varma
"This picture was taken in a Dargah in Delhi. It showcases a place where a Muslim woman was hailed as a saint. The picture is also interesting because it shows a Coke bottle lying on the staircase, which was probably left aside by a visitor or may be someone from the staff. It is symbolic of how a new system is entering our daily lives. Whether it is religion or our normal way of living, everything now seems to be changing around us."

Juvenilia Juxtaposed
On till: September 26
At: Gallery Ragini, F-213 C, Lado Sarai
Ring: 9811252305
Timings: 11 am to 7 pm

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