I'd like to act in a Bollywood film: Redfoo of LMFAO

May 07, 2014, 09:00 IST | Dhara Vora

Redfoo, one half of music duo LMFAO, opens up about the duo splitting up and his solo career

India seems to rank high on the international map when it comes to Dance music, and musician Stefan Gordy or Redfoo, couldn’t agree more. “India is on a musical high these days, and we have a huge fan base here. I’m looking forward to not just performing in India but to explore the country as well. I’d like to party with them when I’m in India. I’m definitely hitting the streets for local cuisine and clothing,” he shares.

Musician Redfood, one half of the music duo LMFAO who are currently on a break

What’s in store?
Gordy is one half of the popular music duo LMFAO that recently split, where both artists (Sky Blu being the other half) decided to go solo. The duo (incidentally Gordy is Blu’s uncle) gained fame with their foot-tapping songs such as Party Rock Anthem, Sorry for Party Rocking and Sexy And I Know It that were accompanied by videos as wacky as the musicians themselves.

The duo come from a musical background (Gordy’s father is the founder of Motown Record Company) and with hit tracks under their name, the split came as a surprise to several Dance music fans. Ironically, both artistes were scheduled to perform in India around the same time but Gordy’s tour got postponed due to the ongoing general elections, while Sky Blu performed in the city in March.

“We have elements like Rock and Rs 80s Pop in our blood. With LMFAO, people expect Electro-pop and Dance. So, instead of changing LMFAO, and cutting a Rock album or a Hip-Hop album, we felt that by splitting up we could experiment with different sounds on our own. Sky and me have very strong personalities. We wanted to go in different directions. So, we told each other, ‘okay, let’s just take a break and go in these directions, and come back later, and be stronger than ever,’” he reveals.

Ridiculous, and how!
Gordy recently released a popular solo track called Let’s Get Ridiculous. “For what would be the first song on my solo album, I wanted a song that would describe me — which is just being ridiculous, and fun and silly. My parents and teachers would say, ‘You’re ridiculous,’ and I thought to myself if anything was wrong with being ridiculous. It’s what you do at a party. You stand up on a chair and spray some champagne. That’s ridiculous! You strip down to your Speedo,” he chuckles. The video also features his lady-love, tennis star, Victoria Azarenka.

This will be Redfoo’s first trip to India and he’s being presented under a new property called United V Dance. While being here, he plans to do sightseeing, meet celebrities, eat out and go clubbing. He informs us that he is also keen to visit an NGO and engage in some kind of social work.

The crazy-haired singer is a Bollywood fan too: “I’d like to act in a Bollywood film. I particularly enjoy some of the sounds of Indian classical instruments. A fusion would just blow the roof off. I’m fascinated by Bollywood’s item songs too, the vibrant culture and the beautiful women. I’m a huge fan of Deepika Padukone, Manjeet Ral from Bhangra band RDB and Salman Khan.”

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Did you know?
Redfoo is a huge tennis fan, and had actually entered into the US Open sectional qualifying tournament last year. He lost to Scott Gray 6-1, 6-2.

I could easily say, ‘Okay, sure, in the future we’ll come back together.’ But really, the most accurate way I can say that is that time will tell. It’s easy to get in the studio and say ‘Hey, you put a verse over here and we can just put a label on it and call it LMFAO’ — that’s what we did for the last album. There’s a dynamic between Sky Blu and me that has changed. We’re not hanging out. Now we would have to fly to see each other; we used to live in the same house! The popularity is different. The money situations are different. If the dynamic can change, we can come back together. If it’s fun, I’ll do it.

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