Identity crisis for Milan Luthria!

Dec 18, 2012, 08:48 IST | Kunal M Shah

The director receives birthday wishes and flowers more than a month before his actual big day. Find out why...

It’s still more than a month to go for Milan Luthria’s birthday, but incidentally the director has already been receiving bouquets of flowers at his home and text messages wishing him a happy birthday. The reason being that an imposter posing to be Milan has apparently created a fake profile on a social networking site and added yesterday’s date as his birthday.

Milan Luthria

Milan says, “I have been getting calls and SMSes all day. I was a bit surprised as I have been in meetings the entire day. I was informed that there was someone claiming to be me on a networking site and I was amused.

I guess I will need to have two parties now! Unfortunately, my phone kept on buzzing the whole day.” The filmmaker adds, “Thankfully people whom I work with and my industry friends knew that it was not my birthday.” Currently, Milan is on a break and will resume work mid-January onwards. The director plans to celebrate his real birthday on the sets of his next. 

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