Idol talk with Deepika Padukone

Jan 02, 2013, 09:02 IST | Gauri Pradhan

As a youth icon, Deepika Padukone makes sure she doesn't do anything that is in conflict with her image.

The actress admits that although she did not start her career thinking she wants to be a youth icon, being someone’s idol is a lot of responsibility and she takes it seriously. In a light-hearted chat, she tells CS about her thoughts on being an inspiration for young girls and what she likes doing during her spare time:

Being a youth icon
I feel it’s a responsibility if someone considers you their idol. I didn’t set out in this industry to be an idol. If I am a youth icon, it’s just thanks to the work I have done. It’s not a conscious thing. So, the only thing I can tell myself is to continue going about my work the way I have.

The most important thing is to enjoy the process. Very often, you get so caught up with everything else that you forget the reason of your being there. You have to remind yourself that you are there to enjoy the work that you do.

My ‘me’ time
I workout in my ‘me time’. I also listen to music and catch up on rest or sleep as often as possible. I read and spend time with my family and friends too. It’s very important to have some free time for yourself. Music is my best stress-buster. I can listen to any kind of music because I just love it. I am not too much of a reader because I always have too many scripts to read. (laughs) So, in my free time, I would rather listen to music than reading a book. 

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