If Assange went shopping for Maya

Sep 09, 2011, 07:14 IST | Correspondent

A ready-to-implement rehaul of UP CM's shoe cupboard

A ready-to-implement rehaul of UP CM's shoe cupboard

It's the sort of news that can get the politically indifferent to follow front page news. Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mayawati has a new foe (who she's labbeled 'anti-Dalit, already) in WikiLeaks owner Julian Assange.
On Tuesday, the Dalit leader hit out at Assange for tarnishing the image of her government, declaring him 'mad' at a press conference, and offering a free bed at the Agra mental asylum.

Assange, in his unique style, has accepted the offer, with a slight difference. He wouldn't mind the offer of political asylum in a country he says he loves. Assange has been under house arrest in England for over 200 days.

Mayawati's fury is over a WikiLeaks revelation that made headlines on Tuesday. US Embassy cables leaked by WikiLeaks reveal how a fashion and grooming-crazy Mayawati once sent an empty plane to Mumbai to pick up a pair of sandals from her favourite brand. Mayawati, of course, alleges it's a lie.

We won't be hasty at rubbishing the fashion crazy bit, though. Mayawati's statue in Ambedkar Memorial Park shows her carrying a handbag.

Assange has offered to bring Maya the finest footwear back from UK. We've made his job a bit simpler by culling out five of the best styles to suit Mayawati from the Autumn/Winter 2011 collections of the hottest international footwear brands.

Just one request to the CM: No socks, please

The brand: Nicholas Kirkwood Leather wedge sandals
For: �425.58
This style we think, is a natural choice for her because her current footwear staple are a pair of brown wedges. We haven't strayed from the colour, and the wedge heel helps lend her height without stressing out her calf muscles, the way 3-inch pencil heels would.

The brand: Mulberry Bayyswater mid heel pump
For: �295
We like this one for its subtle grey tweed finish and mid-heel height, making it a sophisticated style for official events. Will be a fitting accessory, we think, for her beige-ivory dominated wardrobe.

The brand: Nicholas Kirkwood High heel loafers
For price: go to www.nicholaskirkwood.com
The ultimate style for a woman who doesn't enjoy playing up her femininity. It's the mannish loafer that's been elevated with a heel in this spiffy black patent leather avatar. It works at a cabinet meeting or for the unravelling ceremony of another of her statues.

The brand: J Crew Quorra leather flat sandals
For: �166.69
These laser-cut mouse leather sandals come in a shade close to Mayawati's pallete, and are a stylish option on days when she has to dome some walking. The airy design makes it ideal for Lucknow's warm summers. We like the quirky back-tie (which will conveniently hide under her salwar, if she's shy of flaunting it).

The brand: Miu Miu Crystal-embel-lished patent-leather pumps
For: �506.02
The heels of these pumps measure just about two inches, allowing the politico a convenient option suitable for easy walking. We picked these for their playful crystal-embellished gold heel that can add a zing of feminine decadence to her look that's otherwise hardened by the manly bob. A great option when she wants to host her next big birthday party.

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