'If Danny Boyle can, why can't I?'

Jun 24, 2012, 09:44 IST | Subhash K Jha

RGV denies rumours of being denied permission to shoot at CST station

Much was said when Ram Gopal Varma made his way into a 26/11 site in 2008, when the terror attack occurred. Now, after Department, RGV will is all set to shoot for his 26/11 drama at the attack sites early next month.

“If Danny Boyle can shoot at the CST, why can’t I?” says Ramu, refuting rumours that he has been denied permission to shoot on actual 26/11 locations.

“Who says I won’t be shooting on the actual locations?” asks Ramu defiantly.

Contrary to reports, Ramu already has permission to shoot at key points in South Mumbai, including Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST). Reports had suggested that Ramu was denied permission to shoot at CST.

“I am shooting at CST. I don’t know where these reports have come from,” says Ramu, who plans to recreate the entire carnage on actual location.

“Of course there will be restrictions, as we’re talking about a very busy public place. We can’t just go and shoot and inconvenience the people. We’ll be given a time to shoot, just like we’ve got a time schedule for shooting at the airport,” Ramu confirmed, adding, “Danny Boyle shot an entire song and dance on the same station for Slumdog Millionaire. I just need to follow the rules.”

“We won’t fudge any of the locations or recreate any of the attack points in a studio,” Ramu concluded.

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