If it's not DDB, then it's not a TV: Shah Rukh

Aug 17, 2012, 08:32 IST | The Hitlist Team

Videocon and DDB Foundation launch new age LEDs with King Khan

Consumer durable company Videocon announced its partnership with the world’s most advanced TV technology platform Digital Direct Broadcast (DDB) at an event held in Mumbai recently. This multi-faceted revolutionary Videocon DDB LED was unveiled by Shah Rukh Khan. Later, the product range of all new LEDs available in sizes from 32” to 58” was also launched on the occasion.

Shah Rukh Khan with Anirudh Dhoot, director, Videocon
Shah Rukh Khan with Anirudh Dhoot, director, Videocon

Says Shah Rukh, “Coming from the film industry, the work we do is showed over two types of screens cinemas and TV. Now, cinemas have evolved tremendously over time, with digitalisation and 3D and so many options for the viewers to enjoy our films the way they were meant to be.

But when it comes to the millions of people watching TV at home, the impact of the film is diluted. So I was on the lookout for a TV that can do justice to the world-class visual and sound effects we use in our films. This revolutionary initiative by Videocon DDB provides me with an opportunity to witness the future of television technology first-hand.”

Anirudh Dhoot, director, Videocon says, “We believe that this revolutionary technology in the Indian ecosphere will transform the way consumers view their television. Providing a set-top box less platform to the Indian consumers and enlivening them with true-to-life audio and video capabilities separates this iconic technology from other players in the market.

Bringing in a revolutionary digital experience to the consumers, this technological platform shall offer a world-class technology to the Indian television market and bring at par to international standards. Videocon is glad to be chosen to partner with DDB.”

This association sets new global standards in home entertainment experience with the convergence of various features never experienced before on a single platform. It will help receive digital signals without a set-top box, giving an audio-visual experience never experienced before. Its cloud computing abilities help you work and save your files on the cloud, while giving a superior browsing experience of favourite websites, including Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

It also has the ability to convert 2D channels into life-like 3D quality, making the experience to watch Videocon DDB LEDs nothing short of being magical. So you no more need multiple devices, your Videocon DDB LED will do it all.

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