If I play a b****, I better look like one: Ameesha Patel

Apr 11, 2013, 09:50 IST | The Hitlist Team

Ameesha Patel recently launched her maiden production 'Desi Magic'. The actress-turned-producer essays a double role in the film which has Zayed Khan and model Sahil Shroff in the cast. She talks about the film and her character...

The actress-turned-producer essays a double role in the film which has Zayed Khan and model Sahil Shroff in the cast. She talks about the film and her character...

Ameesha Patel
Ameesha Patel as Sonia

How does it feel being launched as an actress with Hrithik Roshan when he was 26 and today you are being paired with top model Sahil Shroff in your maiden home production who is also a youngster himself?
All I can say is that Sahil is a great-looking guy with amazing talent. People will love our pairing. Our chemistry on screen will shock them.

Ameesha Patel
Ameesha Patel as Mahie

How difficult is it playing a double role?
It is a big challenge playing a double role specially when both the characters -- Sonia and Mahie -- are extremely opposite to each other and have no relationship in the film.

We hear you are playing a character with grey shades in the film?
Not exactly with grey shades but I am playing someone who’s far faster in her ways of living life. You will see me play dirty like no one has ever played before and for that my look has to be hated by some and loved by all. At the end of the day when you are playing dirty you better look and act dirty.

What about your other character in the film where you will be playing a Punjabi girl?
Yes, this is the first time I will actually be playing a girl born and brought up in Punjab with a big Punjabi family around. My character will be loved since it will attract all family audiences and will be adored by zillions, God willing

Your look at the launch created quite a sensation?
Really it did? Wow, I am happy if it did. It means me looking dirty and wild actually worked in my character’s favour.

Is the film a dirty picture of the western world?
No no... the film is a family entertainer where we have family values, friends and lovers everyone basically... it’s
an entertainer for the masses and of course the youth will love it.

How is it working with Zayed Khan and Sahil Shroff?
Well what can I say? Two hot young boys next to me which girl wouldn’t like but enjoy the experience!

You have already worked with Zayed before? How does it feel to work with him again?
Zayed has always been family to me and we have known each other since years. I have loved working with him in the past and I know this role will take his career to another level. He’s not only a good-looking boy but also a boy who needed a role that justifies his looks and talent and I’m sure this will.

What about the song Ek Do Teen -- it looks as if you have all the masala in this film?
Yes, we are very excited about the song and in no way can I compare myself to the great Madhuriji but even if I perform 20 per cent of what she did I will feel relieved.

Your production house is launching DJ Aqeel for the first time as a music director?
Yes, it was my business partner Kuunal Goomer’s idea, which has worked so much in our favour. The way his music will shock and rock the world is to be seen. We are so happy to have him and yes his music will make Desi Magic a blockbuster for sure.

Your supporting cast is also very interesting -- from Randhir Kapoor to Lilette Dubey to Ravi Kishen to Rajat Rawail?
Yes, touchwood we are very happy with all the characters as they are such fine actors and their roles are very fresh and new for them as well. Randhirji will play my tycoon father while Lilette will play my mother and of course Ravi will play a stylish villain for the first time and last but not the least Rajat will play a character which will be loved by everyone -- both kids and grown ups.

How is Kuunal involved in this film other then being a producer?
Kuunal is the reason why Desi Magic has turned out to be what it is! It’s his dream project and he will go all out to show the world what he has in his creative mind. His vision is totally new and he thinks from the point of youngsters to family members to the masses. His vision is to make an out-and-out grand scale entertainer.

How is it working with a new director like Mehul Atha?
Mehul is a wonderful and talented ad filmmaker who has made over 300 ads. He also has the knack of making a Bollywood masala flick with great emotions. He has understood the script like no one else and we are sure he will make a mark of his own.

Director Sanjay Gadhvi is the a script doctor in your film? How did that happen?
Sanjay is my friend and always will be. He has been very kind to help us. With his talent and views in correcting our script besides giving ideas has helped us immensely. He has taken Desi Magic to where it has reached today and we will always be grateful to him!

Why haven’t you been linked with any other actor in the industry?
Well, what can I say? What hasn’t happened in real life will happen with Sonia’s character in Desi Magic on screen. 

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