If I was made of money...

Nov 15, 2015, 06:06 IST | Anju Maskeri

Don’t doubt it, think it, and you shall be, says life coach Aditi Surana

How often have you made statements like “I am broke,” “I can’t afford it! “I have too much month left at the end of my paycheck.” If it’s more than often, chances are, that’s the way it’s going to remain, says life coach Aditi Surana, who is holding a session on how to change your money situation. 

“When you make a statement or conclusion about not having enough, you are making that a reality,” says the 31-year-old. The class is designed around the techniques provided by Gary Douglas, bestselling author and founder of Access Consciousness, in his book, How to Make Money.

So, when Surana asks us if we see the possibility of earning Rs 50 crores a year, the question makes us pause and think. “Possible,” we mutter, still unsure of how it can be reality. “That’s it. The moment you think it’s possible, you are moving yourself into a zone, where you will put these thoughts into action.” Almost on cue, Surana is quick to clarify that the method is different from the ones gives in The Secret. “Here we aren’t imagining how rich we are, when the truth is we aren’t, which is the way described in The Secret. Many people are at ‘nothing’ — in terms of real assets and quality of life right now, but they are pretending to themselves that they actually have something,” she says.

According to her the way to go is to ask yourself “How do I become rich?” as a way of creating the adventure of having the possibility of millions.

“Ask yourself this question every day, and see how change begins to show in the most unexpected way,” she says. For more, sign up.

Where: The Yoga Gallery, Janki das house, Janki kutir, Next to Prithvi Theatre, Juhu
When: Nov 24, 7 PM – 9.30 PM
Entry: Rs 1500

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