If looks could kill

Sep 09, 2013, 06:09 IST | Hassan M Kamal

The Nokia Lumia 625 is indeed a sleek addition to the Lumia line-up, but struggles to live up to a price tag of Rs 20K

When Nokia announced the Lumia 625 and Lumia 925, we were taken aback. We were wondering if it wasn’t too soon to offer two new variants and how different would they be from their predecessors. So, when we received the Lumia 625, we realised the thought process that might have had gone behind it -- offering a smart phone that wasn’t too expensive, yet at the same time offered everything a Lumia did.

Display and look: The Lumia 625 boasts of a solid build, with a long-lasting battery, looks as sleek as the Lumia 820, but with a slightly larger -- 4.7 inch --screen. A bigger LCD screen makes videos more enjoyable to watch, but the screen has a low pixel density (201 ppi), which makes the text and pictures appear fuzzy. The coloured back panel, however, manages to retain the charm.

Performance and storage: The 625 uses 1.2Ghz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, which is slightly less powerful than the one found in the 820, but more powerful than in the 620 and 720 models. The internal storage is decent at 8GB, but the Lumia 625 gets half the RAM of the 820 -- just 512 MB -- making it appear as nothing but an expensive version of the 720 with a fuzzier screen. The only advantage is a far more impressive touch than the 720.

Camera: The camera in the Lumia 625 is very poor, as it struggled in both low as well as good light conditions. Even the use of flash didn’t help. Although you can record HD videos (1920x1080), the quality is disappointing. So, is the Lumia 625 a good choice? Well, while it’s an improvement on the 720, in some segments, a price tag of Rs 19,999 for a phone with poor screen and a mediocre camera just doesn’t make sense.

Other Lumia options
Lumia 520: Rs10,099
Lumia 620: Rs 14,482
Lumia 720: Rs 18,482
Lumia 820: Rs 21,421
Lumia 920: Rs 32,319
Lumia 925: Rs 33,499
(All prices at Nokia Store) 

Quick specs
Processor: 1.2 Ghz Snapdragon S4
Storage: 8 Gb (4.5 GB available)
RAM: 512 Mb
Display Type: 4.7-inch LCD
OS: Windows Phone 8
Price: Rs 19,999

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