If patience came in pills

Oct 17, 2011, 09:08 IST | Priyanjali Ghose

We would certainly have popped some before heading to Mumbai Tadka, a multi-cuisine restaurant on the otherwise fast paced Brigade Road

We would  certainly have popped some before heading to Mumbai Tadka, a multi-cuisine restaurant on the otherwise fast paced Brigade Road

Patience and time are the two things that are a must if you decide to stop by at Mumbai Tadka, the multi-cuisine restaurant above Ascot Hotel, Brigade.

And if you don't posses both then think twice before you make dinner plans here. A terrace cum restaurant, the dimly lit Mumbai Tadka has nothing fancy about its d �cor.

Devil's Butterfly

In fact, it may remind one of those old restaurants with several wooden chairs and tables strewn over in an unorganised manner.
We reached Mumabi Tadka famished after a hard day's work and walked into an empty restaurant where were asked to sit outside with low wooden tables and sofa like chairs.
But it being a warm day, we wanted a cooler place and were politely led to an air-conditioned sitting area on asking. However, after ten minutes we realised that the air conditioner was not on and after several requests, the staff was generous enough to put it on.

We were presented with a menu comprising cocktails, mock tails and starters at first and were told that cocktails are a specialty here.

The menu had rum, whiskey, tequila and vodka based mixes with fancy names like Polka Dotted Bikini, Timmy Collins and so on. However, Mumbai Tadka seemed quite clueless about which ones are their best.
We finally opted for Moroccan Orange Oasis (Rs 275) and Devil's Butterfly (R 250). With orange and cranberry juice, the vodka based Moroccan Orange Oasis was just like a regular mix of orange juice and vodka.

But the Devil's Butterfly, a concoction of tequila, rose and cranberry drink was refreshing. We had ordered for Potato Cheese Balls ( Rs 80) and Peri Peri Chicken (Rs 150).

An hour and half passed but both did not arrive. Exasperated we asked one of the staff what was causing the delay. Ten minutes later, one smiling waiter came and informed that the guy who took our order had left for the day with out informing the kitchen.
With a growling stomach, we were not too happy and the man realising our mood quickly pacified us saying we would soon be served and also advised us to decide on the main course.

Worried that the main course will take another few hours to arrive we decided to go with Butter Naan (Rs 50), Chicken Tikka Biryani (Rs 170), Paneer Khatta Pyaaz (Rs 165) and Murg Methiwala (Rs 180).

Ultimately 15 more minutes later the Potato Cheese Balls were served to us and we did not regret it.

The balls with mashed potato and cheese and  crispy outer coating melted in our mouths making us feel that it was worth the wait. However, the Peri Peri chicken sauce with tasty mayonnaise dip was a disappointment.
The flavour of the Portuguese sauce hardly came across and instead the tender chicken pieces tasted like the tandoor ones.

Potato Cheese Balls

However, soon the main course arrived and we decided to waste no more time. The Paneer dish in tomato gravy had small onions dunked in vinegar giving the curry a sweet and sour taste. But for famished tummies, the paneer with the naan did wonders.

The biryani, though was the clear winner. The hot fine grained rice with spicy chicken tikka pieces was a dish in itself and served in a sealed handi, it made up for all the inconvenience caused. However, for all those, who dislike methi the chicken dish may not be a good idea. With methi leaves, the chicken dish was tad bitter.

After a long wait and fulfilling meal, we wanted to round it off with something sweet. The only ones available were Gajar Ka Halwa (Rs 80) and Gulab Jamun (Rs 65).
The Gajar Ka Halwa was surprisingly mildly sweet but the hot soft gulab jamun reminded us of homemade ones. Happy but tired, we decided to call it a night promising ourselves to pop patience pills before coming back to Mumbai Tadka again.

Where  Mumbai Tadka (Ascot Hotel), Brigade Road
Call 42414141
Meal for two R 1,500
Mumbai Tadka  didn't know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously andpays for meals.


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