If you don't have financial security, you must have a plan B: Soha Ali Khan

Sep 19, 2014, 12:01 IST | Shilpi Sampad

mid-day Bollywood Lunch Contest sprung a pleasant surprise on Rohan Ekbote who had a freewheeling chat with actress Soha Ali Khan 

mid-day Bollywood Lunch ContestRohan Ekbote turned into a mini celebrity for his colleagues at Madison Communications when he won a lunch date with Soha Ali Khan as part of the mid-day Bollywood Lunch Contest. The actress took a break from the promotions of her upcoming film, Chaarfutiya Chhokare, to visit Rohan at his office where they discussed films and more over piping hot cuppa and finger food from Cheelizza...

Rohan: Going by the first look, Chaarfutiya Chhokare seems to be an offbeat film. Why did you decide to do a non-commercial film?
Soha: For me, a commercial movie is something that makes money at the box-office. Of course, it helps if you feature big stars. But I still feel that this film has the potential to make money as it has a good script. There is a lot of drama and good music but no scope for Yo Yo Honey Singh. It may not appeal to everybody but it will be commercially successful.

Soha Ali Khan with Rohan Ekbote. Pics/Abhishek Rane
Soha Ali Khan with Rohan Ekbote. Pics/Abhishek Rane

hitlist: The film is set in rural Bihar. Did you actually shoot there?
Soha: We couldn’t go to Bihar, so we shot in Kolhapur. We were working on a low budget and had a tight shooting schedule. There were some physically demanding scenes too. But I was looked after very well. Have you been to Kolhapur? Where are you from?
Rohan: I am a Bombay boy! And I have never been to Kolhapur — or even Essel World for that matter (laughs).

Vanita Keswani, COO,-Madison Communications, with Soha
Vanita Keswani, COO,-Madison Communications, with Soha

hitlist: How was your experience as the ‘hero’ of the film?
Soha: I would say the script is the hero. The film starts with an NRI girl, who comes to a Bihar village to open a school, and then it turns into a social thriller — how she uncovers some dirty politics in the system and gets caught up in the muddle.

hitlist: Why is the film called Chaarfutiya Chhokare?
Soha: Because of the three 12-year-old actors alongside me. My friends tease me, saying that I am the titular character. But, let me clarify, I am 5’3’’. So who is your favourite hero?
Rohan: Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan. In fact, I am a fan of Bachchan family.
Soha: So you must also like Jaya ji and Aishwarya...
Rohan: Now that she is Bachchan bahu, I have started liking her. I also like Karisma Kapoor.
Soha: You are pretty old school!
Rohan: Okay, Deepika Padukone, too.

hitlist: How do you find Soha?
Rohan: She is very pretty. This is really a dream come true for me.

Rohan: Do you enjoy being an actress?
Soha: Of course, even though I am not on top of my game. I love playing different roles, it pays well and you are also looked after. But it comes with a lot of heartbreak and insecurity. Many talented people don’t get their due. Since I come from a protective family and have financial support, I can deal with the challenges. If you don’t have that security, you must have a plan B.

hitlist: What films did you watch as a chaarfutiya?
Soha: I loved Andaz Apna Apna, Padosan and Chupke Chupke — the only fun film my mother did, since in all the others, she was either dying or someone else around her was! Anyway, my film is nice, do watch it.
Rohan: Sure. I will call in sick on the day of release (laughs).

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