If your son likes wearing V-neck T-shirts, he might be gay: Malaysian govt

Jan 17, 2013, 07:32 IST | Agencies

They were once considered the height of fashion, worn by the likes of the Prince of Wales and tennis champion Fred Perry as he conquered Wimbledon in the 1930s.

But in Malaysia wearing that type of sweater is considered a clear sign that the person could be gay. Government officials in the Far East country have issued a series a pointers to parents that they say are telltale signs of homosexuality. Among them is the wearing of a V-neck sweater as well as a preference for sleeveless T-shirts.

Telltale signs: According to Malaysian government officials, in addition to V-neck sweaters, a well-chiseled body and a preference for light-coloured clothes were other signals of being gay. Representation Pic

Teenagers who wear tight, light-coloured clothes and possess a ‘chiseled’ physique are also inclined to be gay. The so-called tell tale signs were issued Teachers Foundation of Malaysia and backed by the Government.

The country’s deputy education minister Mohd Puad Zarkashinot said few people in the Muslim country understood or knew the early ‘symptoms’ of homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender inclinations to prevent its spread.

Ten seminars have so far been held in Malaysia where the how-to-spot gay tendencies were delivered to parents. More than 1,500 people turned up to the most recent to hear Zarkashinot say the guidelines were being issued to help children stay away from ‘unhealthy activities’.

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