IIT-B students strike for Sri Lankan Tamil cause

Mar 21, 2013, 05:56 IST | Kranti Vibhute

Students distributed pamphlets and gathered signatures from visitors to make a stronger case in support of Tamilians in Sri Lanka

Around 100 students at IIT’s Bombay campus observed a one-day peaceful protest and hunger strike to show solidarity with Tamilians who have been victimised in Sri Lankan war crimes and human rights violation.

Students at the IIT campus also distributed about 700 pamphlets and took over 500 signatures from visitors at the campus.

Showing solidarity: Students of IIT-Bombay went on a one-day silent protest and hunger strike in order to send a strong message against the atrocities carried out against Tamilians in Sri Lanka.

Harshavardan, a student, who participated in the protest said, “The injustice caused to Tamilians is demoralising and shattering the values of humanity.

Even after high restrictions on media, there have been continuous reports of atrocities by Sri Lankan military against the Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka.”

Ashok Kumar, another student said, “Our protest started at 8 am and went on till about 6 in the evening. Students from different departments participated in the hunger strike and also distributed pamphlets and collected signatures.”

Kumar also added that a fellow student from the Chennai campus contacted student co-ordinators in Bombay in order to take the issue to other IIT campuses across the country.

Siva Muthuprakash, student at IIT-Bombay, said, “We will be drafting our view to the government.” The students plan to put forward their suggestion to the External Affairs ministry.  

Students demand
The suggestion that IIT-Bombay students would forward to the government are:
>> Commissioning of a credible, independent international probe for a transparent investigation of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide happened during the final stages of the war in 2008-2009
>> Unfettered access for the commission appointed by the UNHRC.
>> Setting up of an immediate mechanism under the UN for preventing the human rights violations perpetrated in Tamil homeland
>> Accountability and details of missing ex-fighters and civilians should be made available
>> An international referendum for an independent Tamil Eelam.
>> No Asian country should be a member in the international investigation committee
>> Expedite reconciliation, reduction of high security zones and return of private land by the military

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