Illegal bar gives Aundh residents sleepless nights

Mar 06, 2014, 06:54 IST | Ashwini Joshi-Deshpande

Members say they have to deal with the noise and uncultured behaviour of the customers and staffers; they have approached the authorities who are yet to take action

Members of Kumar Prerana society on Nagras road in Aundh have given up hope of having a good night’s sleep as they are woken by nightmarish sounds every night emanating from Golden Night Garden restaurant-cum-bar. The place is operating without a liquor license for five years now and has paid no heed to the residents’ complaints.

Unhealthy environment: Many cases of dengue were reported from the society buildings due to the unhygienic conditions near Golden Night Garden restaurant-cum-bar

They have been running from pillar to post with applications and complaints to the excise dept and PMC officials and local corporators to take action against the bar owner, but have so far nothing good has come out of it.

Filthy: Garbage is strewn all over the place by the restaurant staff. Pics/Mohan Patil

The society comprises of 182 flats and was registered in 2003. They have written several letters to the local corporator, PMC commissioner, Aundh ward officer, Chatuhshrungi police commissioner and the state excise department secretary regarding this. Several meetings with the local corporator and MLA – both from the Congress party – have taken place, but the bar continues to operate.

Vijay Dhody, resident of the society told mid-day, “ The bar is open till late night and sometimes even till 2 am. The clientele use abusive language, which bothers us. The workers in the bar roam around shirtless and unhygienic conditions of their toilet area have caused many health problems for us. Garbage is also a strewn around the place by the staffers which attracts mosquitoes.”

“Many cases of dengue were also reported from building A1 and A2 recently due to the unhygienic conditions near the bar,” he added.

Another resident on the condition of anonymity said, “Most of the patrons are local rowdies. In the evenings it becomes very difficult to even stand in our balconies. Also Women find it unsafe to venture out.”

Corporator Sangeeta Gaikwad said, “I am aware of the issue and we understand the concerns of the society residents. I have asked the ward officers to take suitable action but they have not done so. I will look in to the matter again and try to resolve the issue at the earliest.”

State Excise department superintendent (Pune) A B Chaskar said, “I am unaware about this issue and I will conduct an inquiry on the bar and verify the claims of society. We will take suitable action against the bar owner within two days of our inquiry.”

Police Inspector Arun Sawant of Chatuhshrungi police station said, “I have recently taken charge of the police station and hence I am unaware of the issue. But if residents are complaining about it, I will immediately ask the officer to investigate and take action.”

>> Bar has been operating without a liquor licence for five years now
>> Citizens say that the bar is sometimes open till 2 am
>> Women find it unsafe to venture out


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