'I'm done apologising'

Published: 23 November, 2009 09:15 IST | Tushar Joshi |

Vivek Oberoi says that he will hold his own should he ever get into a brawl with Salman Khan now and that it doesn't matter how big the other guy is

Vivek Oberoi says that he will hold his own should he ever get into a brawl with Salman Khan now and that it doesn't matter how big the other guy is

There won't be any more apologies from Vivek Oberoi to Salman Khan. The actor says he's done saying sorry to Sallu. Not just that but Oberoi also claims that should he fight, he will hold his ground against Khan.

Recently, Vivek was a guest On The Couch With Koel. Apart from talking about his work and a new outlook towards life, he also made remarks on Salman and claimed it was wrong to assume that in a scenario of a fistfight, the brawny man would win!

A source reveals that Vivek was extremely jovial on the show. "He seemed to have left his old personality behind and has taken on a positive outlook towards life. He laughed off most of his controversies but when the conversation veered towards Salman, he didn't mince any words."

Here are excerpts from the chat that airs on November 28 on Headlines Today.

Koel: I watched your recent interview with Farah and in context to Salman you said, 'hum mard ki tarah ek dosare ko mar sakte hai, mere bhi do haath hai... and all this. If you actually got into a fisticuffs with him, who would win?
Vivek: Umm...I really don't know, I mean it kinda sounds like the expected answer would be obviously the brawn man. But umm... it doesn't really work that way. I mean, I've had my share of fights and I think I can hold my own. I don't think it's about a size of a bicep, it's the intent and speed of a fist hitting a vital point that determines a fight.

Koel Purie with Vivek Oberoi in On The Couch With Koel

Koel (interrupting):
Now don't say anything you are going to regret again.
Vivek: No no no... I think that's what determines a fight. I don't know if you've ever seen a street fight or if you've ever seen a brawl... it's not really about how big the guy is.

Koel: Please do invite me if you do decide to have this challenge. I want front row seats to this fight.
Vivek: You and half the world... No

Koel: Now, you've done your share of apologising but of course those apologies haven't really been accepted by Salman. He  still... the only person that he talks badly about let's say... is you. Like he does say you are an idiot. I'm sorry to say this but he does say this, as you are aware of it.
Vivek: I mean well in the current context, I take that as a compliment, you know '3 Idiots', I would like be the fourth.

Koel: Nicely said.
Vivek: Raju Hirani, if you're watching...

Koel: So are you done with apologising?
Vivek: Ya I'm done.

Koel: So that phase of your life is over?
Vivek: Ya. I think I've squared all of that up, I've finished all the things I started. I've decided not to talk badly about anybody. If somebody else wants to continue talking badly about whoever else including me, then they can. I mean those are choices everybody makes.  

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