'I'm tempted to indulge in an extra-marital affair...'

Mar 27, 2014, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

I like an office colleague. As I am married, I end up feeling guilty about my feelings for her.

Dear Diana,
I like an office colleague. As I am married, I end up feeling guilty about my feelings for her. I don't see a reason why I should be cheating on my wife, but at the same time, the picture of us — this new woman in my life and I — is too tempting to leave for good. I know she has a boyfriend, but she keeps complaining that he is a good-for nothing. What if she's unhappy in her relationship?
— Amar

Illustration: Amit Bandre
Illustration: Amit Bandre 

Dear Amar,
You may want to be her knight in shining armor saving her from her good-for-nothing boyfriend, but remember you are married. So you will be indulging in an extra-marital affair. Also, she already has a guy, so be prepared to face his wrath too. You will be ruining your life and your family's as well as of this girl and her beau. Unless you are prepared to play with fire and be scalded, forget any idea of having a romp with this colleague. And if you go ahead with your plan, your personal and professional life will be a wreck.

Dear Diana,
I am in love with a divorcee. I have been having a clandestine relationship with her for quite a while. Last week, I told my parents about her. They went to her place and created a scene. She has stopped talking to me and decided to move on in her life, but I am not able to. Maybe it's the guilt of not being able to stand up to my parents.
— Ashwin

Dear Ashwin,
You should have thought of the repercussions beforehand. More importantly, you should have convinced your folks and made them support your move. Instead, you messed it up by declaring marriage which made them react. As you hid your relationship from them, they saw red. Try to talk them out and if they turn around, woo her again. Or else, as you cannot stand up for her, it is better she goes her way.

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