Mumbai: In 6-hour-long op, Wadala Freeway entry smoothened

Jun 23, 2017, 16:29 IST | Faisal Tandel

Landing points caused speeding cars to jerk, leaving motorists at risk of accidents

The entry point at Wadala of the Eastern Freeway was shut for over six hours today, beginning midnight, for repairs.

The stretch was taken up for concretisation after traffic and regional transport officials found during a recent site visit that the entry and exit points were patchy, causing vehicles to jerk.

“Speeding vehicles tend to bear the brunt of this. We can’t ask motorists to go below the speed limit either. So, the authorities decided to immediately repair that section. The material we are using dries quickly and allows traffic to resume within four hours,” said an engineer at the spot.

The CST end of the freeway was shut on Wednesday night for similar work.

SO Kori, chief engineer from the BMC’s bridges department, had told mid-day last month that the entire Freeway would be repaired in phases over six months.

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