In act of bravery, fisherman saves pregnant wife stuck in dam water

Aug 02, 2013, 01:16 IST | Vicky Pathare

Even as the fire brigade took four hours to reach the spot, the woman's husband Maruti Mukane plunged into the waters and hauled her out by using a rope tied to a tree

On Wednesday night, a fisherman performed a daredevil stunt to save his pregnant wife, who was stuck at an elevated spot near Sangavi village after water was released from Bhatghar dam in the afternoon.

According to the sub-divisional magistrate of Bhor, Ramchandra Chaube got to know that pregnant woman Baidabai Maruti Mukne was stuck in floodwaters for several hours after water was released from the dam.

Chaube informed the fire brigade at 8.15 pm but four hours passed and it was unable to reach the spot, so the woman’s husband, Maruti Mukne who got to know by that time that his wife was stuck, made a daredevil plunge into the waters to help his wife to safety.

According to Chaube, “I had gone to warn people of the flood when I heard, a woman was stuck there. She was at a spot 200 metres from the protection wall of the dam.” He added that the Mukane couple and several others had gone to the spot to fish when she got trapped and remained there almostten hours.

Dattatray Nagalkar, assistant divisional officer of the fire brigade, said, “We have two rescue vans, out of which one was not suitable for this operation as there is no space to carry a boat and the other one had gone to Sangamwadi, Yerawada. Thus, it took us four hours to reach the spot.”

Nagalkar added, “We received a call around 8.30 pm about a woman stuck in swirling dam waters released on Wednesday. By the time we reached by around 12 am, she had been saved by her husband.”

Chaube added that all attempts to save the woman had failed due to the speed of the water, but her husband used a rope tied to a tree after the water started receding. 

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