In Garo Hills, a man is abducted every other day

Jul 06, 2014, 08:21 IST | Agencies

Ninety eight people abducted in past six months till June

Shillong: Believe it or not, kidnapping has become the order of the day in the insurgency-hit Garo Hills region of Meghalaya, with one person being abducted every alternate day in the past six months.

In many cases, more than one person was abducted in an incident

A total of 98 people were abducted for ransom in the past six months till June, while 175 people have been kidnapped since June 2013, according to official statistics.

The number of abduction cases reported during this period was 135, which means that in many of these cases more than a person was abducted in a single incident.

The 98 people kidnapped include government employees, businessmen, teachers, traders, women and children. The highest number of people kidnapped in a month was 26 in May, with 15 abductions reported in Garo Hills.

Garo Hills, comprising five districts in the western part of Meghalaya, is considered a disturbed region with nine militant outfits operating there.

“The figure shows that the law and order situation has totally collapsed. Such a large number of abduction cases has not been reported from anywhere in the country,” said an intelligence official requesting anonymity.

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