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Apr 26, 2012, 07:22 IST | Gauri Pradhan

When we ask actor Jimmy Shergill about his newly- grown moustache, he casually tells us that it's for a new film. A powerful performer, Jimmy has never been one to tom-tom about his films or work.

The actor, who moved away from quintessential chocolate boy roles to wow audiences in films like A Wednesday and Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster is now awaiting the release of his next film – a thriller. As he takes a break from shooting in a South Mumbai college, Jimmy talks to CS about being typecasted and maintaining a low profile.

Who: Jimmy Shergill 
What: Talking about his work and image 
Where: On the sets of a film in South Mumbai

Battling typecasting
After Maachis, directors would approach me for roles that required men with a rugged look. When they would see a clean-shaved cropped hair guy, they would be disappointed. Then, I did Mohabbatein and I got established as a chocolate hero. After a string of romantic films people realised that I can pull off an intense role as well. So now I get those kind of films too. I would love to do rom-coms too but no good scripts have come my way yet. I am crazy about thrillers. I like films to flip me. My main criteria as an actor is that I should have a well- written character to enact.

Homebird at heart
When people meet me for the first time, they find me very serious and intense. But with family and close friends, I am a completely different person. I take some time to open up, that's all. I don't like partying or clubbing or even for that matter socialising. Instead, I like to relax at home or have house parties with my close ones. On normal days, I prefer finishing my work and getting back home. That way, I feel secure. After Maachis, when I had no work till Mohabbatein, I was basically jobless and would sit at home chilling with my friends. It would be raining outside, I we would play pool or carom championships while having chai or coffee. These are my fond bachelor memories.

Son shine
I love spending time with my son, Veer. Though my son likes watching movies, he is absolutely cricket crazy. I find these days kids are busier than adults, so he’s hardly free from his studies and other activities (laughs out loud). When he is at home, we spend time watching re-runs of old cricket matches. Or else, I take him out for a weekly swimming sessions.

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