In pursuit of fitness

May 08, 2012, 08:23 IST | Special Features

In his heydays, model Gautam Kapur was one of the most sought-after male models in town; doing roughly 50 shows a week.

Now, this fitness and style icon has turned into an entrepreneur and has launched a new range of nutraceutical products aptly named Conscious. Gautam, who is popularly known as Gomzi amongst his friends is famous for his youthful looks, disarming smile and down-to-earth attitude. He talks to CS about his new product and love for fitness:

A Conscious decision
This product is a result of my years of research and formulations, all inspired by my own healthy active lifestyle. With anti- ageing amino acids and special anti-ageing nutrients designed to generate optimum results, I am sure that Conscious will meet with a great response. Conscious as the name suggests is all about consciously promoting a fit and energetic lifestyle. I have always been a fit person, both in my modelling days as well as in my current role ie, as the CEO of a nutrition company and an entrepreneur. I have played a role in choosing the right mix of ingredients and in selecting the right research and development team to create this active life supplement.

Of personal and professional
Well, about the public scrutiny around my flamboyant mercurial personal life, I don’t mind it too much. It is better to be talked about for something than not be talked about at all (laughs out loud). On a serious note, at times, it makes me feel more responsible for my actions. I don’t know how to classify myself. I guess I am a simple guy with a taste for the fine things of life. Yeah, the media scrutiny does tend to weigh in my head. But I don’t let that affect me and continue working as usual. There’s a private side to me as well. Like, very few people know that I am deeply into spiritualism.

Fitness comes first
I train two parts a day, but my routine keeps changing. One day, I work on my chest and triceps. The second is the back. On the third day, I do legs so that my upper body gets rested. Next are shoulders and biceps. I do lift heavy weights and can bench press for about 200 pounds. My trainer encourages me to do more weights for legs, though I am not keen on it. I love working out my chest. My gym is my favourite spot, and I try to schedule most of my meetings out there. Before travelling anywhere, I tend to over exercise. I will work out for six days instead of three and then for one week, I won’t exercise. But I can’t lead a sedentary life for more than a week. If I’m in the mountains, I’ll go for a walk in the forest. If I’m in a place like London or Tokyo, I don’t take cars and taxis; I walk, as the weather is lovely. 

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