In search of angels on earth

Jan 13, 2015, 08:37 IST | Suprita Mitter

After astrologers, crystal gazers and psychics, the term angel therapist seems to be getting increasingly popular. Suprita Mitter met one such angel therapist; the results were pretty interesting

I consider myself to be practical, pragmatic and rational, but also curious of the unknown, so, when I first heard of Tammana C, an angel therapist, it piqued the imagination. Looking up the term on the Internet, an article said —"Angel Therapists believe they facilitate healing by helping their patients get in touch with angels who will guide the patients in the right direction. Angelic reminders that they are with us — 'whispers' in our ear, 'taps' on the shoulder, brushes of air across your skin or changes in air pressure" — which reminded me more of recent horror flicks!
Online research on Tamanna revealed that she was always spiritually-inclined, and has been a practitioner for over 12 years. She had completed levels 1-3 in Reiki by the time she was 13.

The real deal
Expecting to see someone who resembled Whoopi Goldberg's character, Oda Mae Brown in Ghost, I was pleasantly surprised to find a young woman, dressed in smart Western apparel introduce herself. When I shared my pre-conceived idea of her, she laughed saying she got that a lot. "I eat non-vegetarian food and party like a normal 30-year-old, none of which affects my visions," she reveals. Seated inside a garage-turned-spacious office, we noticed glass shelves lined with little figurines of angels.

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Explaining the term, she says, "An angel therapist is one who uses energies of the angel to guide and heal. Instead of using a medium such as a crystal ball, a pendulum or date/time of birth to receive information, I get my information through channelised messages from the universal energy in commune with my personal soul energy." Next, she wrote down my full name on a paper, and told me that she felt the presence of my maternal grandfather around.

"He wants to give you a message —Don't feel guilty, don't blame yourself for things that are not in your control," she shared. Immediately after followed predictions on four parameters — physical health, emotional health, career and finance, and finally love and family.

There were references to incidents that occurred in the past including physical and emotional issues. Overall, her accuracy on my past and present was 70% true. "There are times where I can't predict the gender of an unborn child or the exact date of death but I can offer a time frame," she shares.

Tamanna C

She placed her hand on my head for a few seconds, to heal all the four aspects that we had discussed. "I clear the blocks from
all levels — aura, physical, mental, emotional and soul level, by clearing, grounding, energy protection and cord cutting with people or situations draining them out. Since this was the first session, it was mild healing. Subsequently, I would increase the healing intensity, which is much more powerful," she reminds us at the end of our hour-long session.

Call: 9833702262
Cost Energy exchange sessions vary from Rs 3,500 for a reading, up to Rs 5,600 for auto writing (this is for those who have lost a loved one and wish to connect with them in the spiritual realm)

Tamanna C is the author of the recently published book The Way Ahead.

Disclaimer: mid-day doesn't endorse or advocate healers. Readers are encouraged to take their own decisions. We present this purely and only as an experiential piece.

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