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May 29, 2013, 05:36 IST | Soma Das

The Super Readers Club, through interactive sessions, games and quizzes, aims to make children fall in love with the magical world of book reading

Book reviewer Karishma Attari started The Super Readers Club, a year ago, when she noticed her children (aged five and three at the time) reaching for their iPads first thing in the morning even though they lived in a house full of books. “Since we live in a digital world today, the little extra motivation required to get kids hooked to reading can only come from within themselves,” says Attari.

Children at the reading sessions of The Super Readers Club

The Super Readers Club is precisely this, an arena for children to get together and understand that reading is fun. The Club features sessions where they read titles from around the world, which are picked for their vocabulary, imagination, illustrations and worldview. It includes books by renowned authors such as Julia Donaldson and William Steig (who authored the popular book, Shrek!).

The Club features three month-long batches, over which they pick three books to read together, enact and learn from. At each session they include audio-visual sessions and add quizzes, theatre games and other elements to make the process more interactive and fun. Their target audience comprises children in the age group of two to 11 and they have different batches for different age groups.

Attari admits to bringing her diverse experiences as a writer, book reviewer, lecturer, actor, copy-editor and mother to the Club.

Summing up the Club’s objective, Attari says, “Reading is more relevant today than ever. It offers the kind of deeper pause that allows for value systems and is a life-long stress buster which every child deserves to have.”

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