In six months, Pune railway division to get 40 new ATVMs

Aug 14, 2014, 01:28 IST | A Correspondent

Following the successful launch of ATVMs at Pune station, another 40 machines will be installed at all major stations within 6 months

When the Pune railway division introduced automated ticket vending machines (ATVMs) to Pune station in March this year, the machines were much appreciated by commuters who no longer had to wait in long queues for tickets. Responding to popular demand, the division will now install 40 new ATVMs at all major stations in the next six months.

The addition of 40 more ATVMs at major stations will help several passengers avoid queues at the ticket counter

Currently, there are two ATVMs at Pune station. The division will begin installing the new machines in three phases, starting with 18 on the Pune-Lonavla route and followed by nine on the Pune-Daund route and the remaining on the Pune-Kolhapur route.

Yogendra Kumar Singh, Pune railway division’s public relations officer said, “With the help of the ATVMs, passengers can book unreserved railway tickets. This will not only save time but will also save them the effort of standing in long queues. Besides, it will also reduce our need for manpower at the railway ticker counters. It is a win-win situation.”

“Passengers can use ATVMs with the help of the smart card; we have a separate counter to issue the cards. Passengers can keep a balance of Rs 100 to Rs 5,000 on the card,” he said.

To assist passengers who may have trouble using the machines, the division has also ensured that a helper is always nearby. “There is a worker who charges five per cent to issue tickets to those who are unable to use ATVMs,” Singh added.


Vishal Thorat,
Daund resident
It is a great service, as I do not have to wait in queues anymore. It helps me save time and effort that I can utilise in some other work. This system should be introduced at all railway stations so that more people are benefited.

Abhishek Singh,
Sangvi resident
I am glad that the Indian Railways is using such technology to help passengers. There should also be a way we can recharge our smart cards and use them  online, instead of getting it done from the ticket window.

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