1 in 3 snoop through partner's phone

Apr 05, 2013, 12:08 IST | ANI

One in three people feel that it's not wrong to snoop on text messages, a new survey has revealed

A survey of 2000 American adults by an online dating site revealed 37 per cent of women have no qualms about rifling through their partners'' phones, according to online reports.

The ourtime.com poll said only 29 per cent of guys felt the same.

The justification in both cases was the suspicion of bad behaviour.

Sex and relationships, 1 in 3 snoop through partner's phone

Gadgets make cheating easier
Couples with the propensity to cheat are finding it easier to do so with the help of Internet, social networking and smartphones, experts have claimed.

Clinical psychologist Karen Nimmo said new technologies made the potential for cheating a growing issue for her clients.

“Many people go through others' phones and check what they have been up to. And there are also all the emotional affairs people conduct. They might not be having sex but they are only a step or two from it,” a popular website quoted her as saying.

It would be unfair to blame technology for infidelity, but it was definitely a facilitator for those so inclined, according to private investigator Kerrie Pihema.

“Now there's more opportunity, more online dating sites. It is so much easier to have two phones ... to rekindle old flames ... to be anonymous. Technology creates a new platform, for those who want to cheat, to cheat.”

The Internet was also making it easier for people to meet and progress sexual relationships faster than they would otherwise, experts say.

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