In sync with each other

Jul 04, 2012, 09:13 IST | Asira Tarannum

When CS met K Mohan and Koko of Agnee over hot cups of chai at Mohan's place, we realised that Koko lets Mohan do most of the talking

But when it comes to music, the two are in sync. The duo recently made their debut as music directors with a Marathi film. But even though they are excited about their upcoming filmi ventures, they would never choose films over their music.

Who: Koko and Mohan of Agnee
What: Making their debut as composers in films
Where: Mohan’s residence in Andheri

Musical beginnings
Mohan: We met at a sangeet ceremony. We realised that there is an instant connection and since then, there has been no looking back. We have recently started giving music for movies. Hello Andheron for Avengers happened as they were very clear that they wanted an Agnee song. Abbas Tyrewala wrote the lyrics in one day but we changed the tune 13 times! When we were finalising the tune, Koko’s son Udayan asked why we are playing acoustic guitar with this and then we knew what had to be done.

From indi to films
Mohan: We are giving music for a Marathi film and a Punjabi film. There are a couple of other projects too that we are working on. We reject our own tunes but we don’t allow the music directors to reject them! (laughs) We are clear that we will not choose Bollywood over our recording schedules.
Koko: It’s good to get out of your comfort zone and also challenging to a certain extent. We have a lot of jamming sessions at our terrace and we also do ‘emotional atyachaar’ on people — no one is allowed to leave till it isn’t over!

No break in sight!
Mohan: We are bad with vacations. I have been trying to go to Kolkata to meet my folks and will hopefully get to go soon, as my mother is playing the violin
for a couple of our songs. We like to keep our work relaxed but always meet deadlines. We don’t find it shameful to call someone and say that we will have to cancel the meeting because we woke up late!
Koko: Most of the times, my wife and kid end up going for vacations alone or it has to be cut short due to my hectic schedule.

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